How To Be A Champion In Life

There is no known shortcut on how to be a champion in life. Winning has very little to do with luck or chance but rather with the end result of all the work you put in. So, to have the heart of a winner, you need the dedication of one who knows what he wants and what he has to do to achieve it.

Can you dedicate yourself each day to your dream? Could you believe in something so much that you would put yourself at risk? Would you face down everyone, including the weak voice inside of your mind to make what you believe in come true?

If yes, then you have the heart of a champion. There are maybe people that have more talent than you, but there is no excuse for anyone to work harder or smarter than you do. At the end of the day, whether you believe in talent or not, it is entirely irrelevant. Everyone should believe in working smart but even more so, in endless practice.

“We all love to win but how many are willing to train?” – Mark Spitz, 1972 Olympic Gold Medalist.

Everything in your life is literally a result of training and repetition. You are born an infant, a lump of flesh that can’t even hold its own head up. At first, you are plainly incapable of anything. And yet, somehow, by learning, practicing and growing, you can be better.

The Human Adaptation Machine
At one point, it is safe to say that every skill that you have in your life, all the things you take for granted, you could not do them. So, you must understand that human beings truly are an adaptation machine and that they are capable of acquiring any skill that they want, but it requires that you do the work, put in the reps and provide the effort.

And at the end of the day, the people you are going to surpass are not those who have less talent or more talent than you. But it is going to be the ones who you are ready to outwork. So, to be a champion, you need to be willing to outwork them, or you are always going to be stuck.

“To do anything really well, you have to overextend yourself.” – John Irving


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