Do You Have The FLARE To Be A Leader?

With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, identify, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of these necessities, of leading, effectively.

Do You Have The FLARE To Be A Leader?

1. Face facts; future; fruition; faith; faithful: One must never avoid, nor deny, reality, because denial, never makes things better! Rather, true leaders face the facts, identify strengths, weaknesses, goals, perceptions, and priorities, and proceeds, to address, both, present challenges, as well as sustainable needs, into the future. However, to be a real leader, it’s not enough to merely, articulate obstacles/ challenges, but rather, it’s necessary, to create a strategic and action plan, to bring one’s ideas, to fruition. Doing so, means having faith in, both, the significance and relevance of the particular organization, as well as having the self – confidence, to believe in one’s ability to make a positive difference. However, the potential leader, must, consistently remain faithful, to the core ideals, mission, heritage, and needs, of his group, and stakeholders, rather than focusing on any personal/ political agenda and/ or, self – interest!

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2. Listen; learn; leadership: Even the wisest, best trained, most experienced, quality leader, cannot and must not, attempt, to lead, in a vacuum! Rather, he must prioritize, effectively listening, and committing to focused learning, from every conversation, and experience. This, perhaps, is the basis, and essential core, of meaningful leadership!

3. Attention; attitude; aptitude; articulate: One must realize, he must, consistently pay keen attention, with an open – mind, and a positive, can – do, attitude. When you think/ believe you can, your potential is enhances, and if this is combined, with a relevant, professional trained, aptitude, and skill – set, you are on the path, of becoming a genuine leader! Rather than speaking at the group, a real leader articulates an inspiring, focused, motivating, relevant message, for the common good, which seeks to unify, and enhance the overall group!


4. Relevant; reliable; responsive: What good is leading, if your focus is not a relevant, and reliable one, which is, responsive to current challenges, while maintaining the best way, to create a viable, sustainable solution?

5. Empathy; emphasis; energy; endurance: Only when carefully listens, and learns more, will he proceed, with the necessary, utmost degree of true, genuine, empathy, and, thus place his emphasis, properly! A true leader energizes the stakeholders, while possessing the endurance to persist, while the rest – of – the – pack, does not!

Do you have the FLARE of a quality leader? Why do you believe, you might be the best individual, to assume the helm?

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